By | 04/20/2018
Housekeeping trolley

Housekeepers are required everywhere; at home, at the workplace, in big hotels, healthcare facilities, government agencies, and restaurants. The housekeeping job is a physical one that requires physical fitness and strength. If you are looking for professional housekeepers, then it is crucial to know what their job roles are. In this article, I will be answering a very common question about housekeepers: What are the job roles of a professional housekeeper?

General Cleaning

A professional housekeeper keeps the house they are in charge of in spic and span. They clean the living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms, kitchens, walkways, and corridors. They vacuum, dust, mop, and wax floors and clean all glass surfaces and mirrors in the house.


The bathroom is the busiest room in the house, and the housekeeper spends much of the time making it clean and tidy. They have to clean and sanitize toilets, bathtubs, showers, countertops, and sinks. Where there is the need, the linens in the bathroom are cleaned or changed, and the toiletries stock replenished.

Moving on to the bedroom, beds are to be made, and their linens changed occasionally. The kitchen also requires special cleaning, being the room where all meals are prepared. Indeed, each room has its own unique cleaning requirements.

The Arrangement of Furniture

After cleaning of rooms comes the dusting, polishing, and arrangement of furniture. All the furniture and fixtures in a house need to be arranged in a certain manner that enhances space and boosts the overall aesthetics of the room in question. Perhaps the most demanding room when it comes to the arrangement of the furniture is the living room. This is because it takes the lion’s share of the furniture and fittings in the whole house.


Housekeepers are also charged with the responsibility of sorting and washing laundry. They load and unload the laundry machine. Once the clothes are dry, they also iron them and place them in their respective wardrobes.

Carrying out Cleaning Projects

Sometimes, it may be necessary to start a cleaning project. For instance, a homeowner may notice that the backyard is becoming a breeding and hiding place for rodents. Cleaning and arranging the backyard is an irregular housekeeping task that needs to be allocated enough time and space.

Waste Disposal and Keeping the Environment Clean

A housekeeper also manages waste disposal. He or she ensures that bins are emptied and cleaned in good time. Housekeepers also ensure that the environment is at its best. For instance, they clean the pathways and pavements outside the house and ensure that lawns are mowed and manicured.


In general, housekeepers mainly do cleaning work. The cleaning duties may vary from one employer to the other. For instance, those who work in busy hotels are required to ensure that all hotel rooms are clean and neatly arranged ready for guests to move in. On the other hand, those who work in homes may be required to wash even cars and pets. They may also be assigned cooking duties.