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Finding a job is increasingly becoming difficult in the majority of countries across the world. Many factors will contribute to your chances of being employed, including the number of available opportunities. It is for that reason that you should pursue a career that not only pays well but has numerous employment opportunities as well. Some of the top careers to pursue in 2019, which meet both criteria, are highlighted below.

Application Software Developer

woman on a workstationThe smartphone industry has continued to grow over the last few years, with the number of people owning a smartphone increasing with time. The trend is likely to continue long into the future. With that, the demand for applications has also been on the rise. Nearly all smartphone-based internet usage is via apps. A career in application software development is thus one with numerous opportunities, both now and in the future. Even without employment, a developer can still earn a decent income as a freelance developer.


The health care industry can only grow, as health care services will always be in demand. Becoming a physician means that you get to diagnose and treat illnesses. Depending on your specialization, you can get to do several other things. Getting a job as a physician is not quite challenging compared to other careers, provided that you have all the relevant qualifications. Another thing that makes the profession so lucrative is attractive salary packages.


Still in the medical field, nursing is another top career to pursue in 2019. The primary responsibilities of a nurse are to provide and coordinate patient care as well as educate and advise the patients on health conditions. To become a registered nurse, you need to be a holder of a bachelor’s degree. Some nurses also have diplomas from approved nursing schools. The salary packages for nurses are quite attractive. In addition to working at the health care facilities, a nurse can also provide home care services to earn extra money.

Plant Managers

The manufacturing industry is also growing, which means that there is an ever-increasing demand for plant managers. The main work of a plant manager is to ensure products are manufactured safely, in the required quality and quantity, and at a minimal cost. The plant manager also approves the production schedules to ensure inventories are at the right level, and customer orders are fulfilled on time. The salaries may vary based on the size of the manufacturing plant, but the packages are usually quite attractive.

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