By | 01/20/2019

Learning alphabets is the learning step for your child. If you are not a trained teacher, it might feel like the most challenging thing to do. Fortunately, toddlers are very smart, and they can grasp things more than you can imagine.

However, teaching toddlers is quite tricky. You need to come up with exciting ways of teaching. You will not show them like you teach teens or pre-teens. Since the concept of learning and school is still new, children need to learn slowly but effectively. Here are some tips on preparing your toddler alphabet:

Have Fun

alphabet learningThe last thing you want is to make your toddler sit for an hour doing something they don’t like. Toddlers get bored easily, and they will never engage in something they do not like. If you want to teach them, make the learning process fun.

They need to learn without consciously knowing that they are learning. With the growth of technology, there are a variety of learning resources for kids. For instance, can learn how to type fast games online and arrange alphabets. You can also use colors and alphabets in the learning process.

Use Songs

Everyone loves songs and music including toddlers. It is easier for a child to remember a song than something you said. When teaching the alphabets, try and sing them. The idea is to make the alphabets as memorable as possible.

There are a variety of songs that highlight each name in the alphabet. Singing has proved to be effective over the years, and it still works today. You probably remember a song that you sang in preschool even today.

Use Visuals

Visuals are good at enhancing learning. Kids learn by observation. There are a variety of ways you can use visuals for education. One of the ways to go about is to come up with a picture book.

Picture books are great for education because they evoke curiosity. We also have kids’ movies that can help them with learning the alphabet.



Learning is a process, and it will take some time. The main thing is to stay patient and wait for your kid to learn at their own pace. Some kids will learn faster, but for others, it will take some time.

Using the repetition technique is the best way to enhance learning. It will make the alphabets as memorable and comfortable as possible.