By | 02/07/2020
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Getting just the right management app can give a tremendous impact on your team’s productivity. And although you are not a manager now, this knowledge is relevant to you as well because, at some point in your career, you will encounter the opportunity to work on a project that involves several people. 

Besides, it is very common these days to outsource company tasks to private contractors. If you know the top freelancer management system, you’ll get the upper hand over your competitors for sure. 

Now, let’s learn what qualities to look for in a project management application. 

Friendly and Familiar Interface

Before you pick a project management application software, you should know how adept your employees are at adapting to a new interface. In fact, if this is their first time to use a software-based project management application, then you must not choose one that has a complex operating system. If training is required, then go for it. But a good application is not supposed to take more than a week for the user to use it. Otherwise, it may be just too complicated to use. You’d better stick with a much simpler version. 

Real-Time Task Management

The primary duty of a project management application is to monitor and assign tasks. But different programs may have different sorting methods, for example, by resources, departments, or completion days. You should find one that fits your business best.

Schedule Visualization

mobile compatibilityIf you deal with a few hundred projects, creating a set of banners on a spreadsheet may still sound like a sound idea. But once it reaches thousands, things will get hairy. And you will have to visualize the timelines to see how they impact each other.

Therefore, if you are working on tight schedules and heavy workloads, you need the schedule visualization feature on your project management application. 

Real-Time Communication Feature

A good software management app allows users to communicate with each other without having to leave the platform. The head of the team must be able to send a message to all the members. And the message system should also allow the creation of group chats and broadcasts. 

Flexible File Sharing

a cloud-based operationCompatibility of the files generated by the management application should also be a factor to consider. For example, since the majority of computer users uses Microsoft Office, the files from the management application must be compatible with office programs. 

Moreover, cloud sharing should also be available. Without it, your team’s workflow won’t be time-efficient. And in the long run, it may affect everyone’s morale. 


Your project files are sensitive. If they fall into the wrong hands, your competitors may use them for your advantage. Therefore, before you entrust a platform, check their track records first. 

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